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monkey's story

The little mangy puppy you’re looking at right now is the inspiration behind Safe & Sound Satos. This is Monkey. Monkey’s story is one that I’ve told a thousand times but it will never lose it’s importance in my life. 5 years ago I went on a vacation with some friends to Rincon, Puerto Rico. One of the neighbors had rescued some puppies from a very bad situation and was fostering them at his home. To my horror, I noticed that the puppies were missing patches of hair, had scars, and had varying lengths of tails for God knows what reason. I looked over in the corner and saw the very smallest, most helpless puppy curled up in a ball. She was missing chunks of hair and just looked so sad. No other puppies were playing with her and they wouldn’t let her near the food to eat. I asked if I could hold her and the moment I did my life changed forever. She looked up at me with her soulful Sato eyes and I just knew this creature had a special purpose in my life. Putting Monkey on that plane the next day was the best decision I ever made. We truly saved each other

-Sally, Safe & Sound Satos

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