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Forever Homes

We pride ourselves in matching our dogs with the perfect family....
Liz & Fern 

Fern has been such a great Puppy! I've had her for two months and we learn from each other every day. She's healthy, happy and thriving! It brings me so much joy to see her play with other dogs and grow up! She's a sweetheart and a social butterfly! Thank you SASS!

Randy & Rico 

I've had Rico for a little over a week now and we have become best friends. He loves to play, take walks and snuggle at the end of the day. I'm so happy he's in my life and I get the feeling that he feels the same way! Thank you SASS!

Ashley & Lila 

Ever since Lila came into my life I've asked myself, "did I save Lila, or did she save me?" It was evident from the moment I first held her that I was never giving her up. The way she nuzzled her little head into my neck, she told me she felt safe and sound and that this was meant to be. I've never been happier to welcome her into my life. I am forever grateful for what Safe and Sound Satos has done for all of these fur babies, but especially for mine.

Danielle & Paloma 

Paloma was supposed to be a foster pet with my family, but she decided that we were to be her forever family right from the start. Not sure that I’ve ever fallen in love so quickly…... she’s an amazing girl and we’re enjoying watching her grow a little more each day. You truly don’t know what you’ve been missing until you find it, especially when you weren’t looking. Thank you Sally, our hearts are full…..

Don & Lemon 

Lady Lemon is such a good girl and loves playing with our 10 year old black lab! She is a bundle of fluff and we just love her. Thank you so much Safe & Sound Satos for rescuing our little girl! She is perfect. 

Hilary & Mango 

Catherine & Lulu

Lulu is the sweetest puppy. We are so happy we brought her into our family. She makes friends with everyone she meets. She is also very smart! She is mostly housebroken and even responds to a "come"command! We just love lulu.

Janine & Wynnie

Wynnie is sweet and gentle. She loves being the center of attention, yet she's conservative with her affection. She loves cruising along the waterfront when it's warm as well as sleeping in during chilly mornings! Choosing to rescue her was one of the easiest choices in my life. She is my ray of sunshine. Thank you Safe and Sound Satos for bringing her into my life! 

Alexa & Hank 

Sally and Jerika were amazing to work with. We wanted to make sure whoever we brought into our house would get along with our dog. Sally was patient and listened to all our preferences and found us the best, sweetest, most funny and loving pup Hank. Hank and his brother play and snuggle all day long. We cannot imagine not having them together. We love him so much! I also love that SASS lets you get in touch with the actual rescuer in Puerto Rico if you want. We love that part because as Hank grows, we can keep her updated so she knows how much he is loved.

Lauren & Stella

Upon adopting Stella, I was intially hesitant as to what I was getting myself into as a single, 30 year old living in a NYC studio. After holding her for the first time, I knew we were meant to be in each other's  lives. Stella is the sweetest, smartest and most loving little girl and I couldn't be more grateful to be her mommy!

Melissa & Luna

Sally was amazing to work with she answered all our questions and gave us recommendations for the things we should have in our home for our new furry friend. She kept us updated with pictures and any info we needed by acting as a liaison between us and the wonderful people in Puerto Rico caring for our Luna. She worked tirelessly to arrange our pup's flight and celebrated with us when we were finally able to take Luna home. She's been a willing and helpful resource as we've gone through the transition and puppy growth stages, and is as invested in Luna being a happy healthy pup as we are. We are so grateful to Safe & Sound Satos. Thanks to them we were able to bring our new puppy home within 2 weeks of deciding to adopt her, and now Luna is a frisky and friendly dog who we cannot imagine living without!

Justin & Sanibel 

I'm so thankful to Safe & Sound Satos for finding me my new best friend. Sanibel has such a great personality and is so grateful to be rescued. We love her so much and are so happy she is part of the family. Thank you to everyone at Safe & Sound Satos! 

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